The Pipe Band 1917
The pipers seen during the Great War and
are playing the Brian Boru two drone war pipes.


The Irish War Pipes (seen above) or Brian Boru Pipes (i.e., two drone) were on Ordnance issue until the early 1960`s. There was a mix of two drone and Scottish three drone Pipes from about 1945 and 1946.

The first time that the Irish Regimental Pipers were accepted at the Piping school in Edinburgh they had to use the three drone pipes, this was about 1946. Most of the Pipers all came from Ulster and had their own pipes because they played in Civilian bands; they also used the three drone pipes.

Most Pipers will wear silver buckles on the piper shoe, however the MICKS Pipers do not, this is due to John Redmond, when John first presented the pipes to the Regiment, the master shoe maker, cut down the uppers on the second pair of shoes that were issued to all pipers, this was to make one pair very heavy with flap tongues. To this day the Irish Guards Pipers do still not wear silver buckles.


Rab Tumelty, the pipe Major through May 1995 to August 2000 and is wearing a Pipeer green Caubeen with a special star badge with a St Patricks blue plume. His tunic is a piper green with silver lace, black lace bands and down the front edges is silver. There is also 2 badges on his saffron kilt.

Pipe Major Robert Tumelty


The Pipe Major of the Irish Guards are all listed below, and have all had the privilege of wearing a pipers silver capstar with an enamel centre. This cap star is passed on to successive Pipe Majors. In addition on occasions when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother is present, the Pipe Major carries a banner on his drones upon which is
The Queen Mother`s Coat of Arms.

Sgt. T. Atkins
Sgt. F. Cosgrove
C/Sgt. R.J Butt
WOII. J. Smith
Sgt. A.F. Phair
WOII. J. Ramsey
WOII. T.R Ramsey
Capt H.F Groves
WOII. T.R Ramsey
C/Sgt. W. Lyons
C/Sgt. J.M. Johnston
Sgt. K. Frazer
Sgt. J. Stranix
Sgt. J. Martin
C/Sgt. R. Tumelty
Sgt. R. Allan

1917 - April 1936
April 1936 - August 1939
August 1939 - November 1940
November 1940 - March 1943
February 1943 - April 1949
1950 - January 1954
June 1954 - September 1961
September 1961 - November 1963
November 1963 - March 1972
March 1972 - February 1978
February 1978 - October 1981
October 1981 - March 1991
March 1991 - May 1993
May 1993 - May 1995
May 1995 - August 2000
August 2000 - Still the Pipe Major.


1988 Canada
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The Pipe Band pose for a photograph
with the Commanding Officer
Lt Col HRG Wilson
(fourth from left)
1988 after an exercise in Canada.

On the left of the Commanding Officer is
Pipe Major, P/Maj Kevin J Frazer
(1981 - 1991)
on the right of the photograph is
Jimmy Martin who later became the
P/Maj through 1993 to 1995.


Rod Allan

P/Maj Rod Allan on
St Patrick`s Day 2001, Germany.